My Philosophy; whether building your custom home, remodeling your kitchen or renovating a room in your house, stays the same. I believe working with a small, talented, efficient crew yields a better product. We would rather work a couple of more hours a day than hire more people and risk the quality that I demand. I am what you would call a “hands on” builder that does not get frustrated with the commonly asked “why” questions that arise during the home building process. I listen to your questions and answer them myself rather than defer you to a project manager. My crew and I take pride in everything we do whether its flashing your windows properly or building your kitchen island out of reclaimed wood. If I’m building something out of exotic hardwood, antique wood or green materials I personally pick and place the pieces for their artistic value.

When it comes to cabinetry and trim work, I don’t believe in “paint grade”. We approach the construction of cabinetry and trim work as if it wasn't getting painted. I believe in constructing something that will last through the generations. I don’t like the term “painters will fix it”. That being said, I also have the most talented “hand brushed” painters on my crew to deliver a product that is unmatched. We have become accustomed to the phrase “ that’s the most beautiful paint work I’ve ever seen.” Our paint work on cabinetry and trim “looks like glass” not plastic like pre-finished cabinetry. We also have extensive experience in hand rubbed finishes, polyurethane, varnishes, wax, epoxy and tung oil.

I also don’t believe in “passing the buck” during construction. I expect all of my sub contractors to take pride in their work and work together as a team during construction. This helps the project keep moving forward and also helps minimize potential problems that could effect timing and budget issues. I do not work with subs with the mentality “once I get my check I’m outta here”. I expect my subs to be reliable, clean, efficient and fair. I want your experience with my company to be enjoyable as well as educational. I can honestly say that I put my heart and soul in everything that I build. Please take the time to read the letters and testimonials of other clients experiences with my company. I hope to have a chance making your homestead a better place.

Sincerely, Brian Burbic